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Developing for success and sustainability
Empowering Sustainable Growth

Mapletree aims to reduce its energy consumption and associated greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions as well as enhance its efficiency.

Some of the green energy solutions and technologies that the Group has implemented at its properties include:

  • Investing in high technology solutions, as well as continuous renewal and retrofitting to increase efficiency in our building mechanical, electrical and management systems.
  • Continue to explore the use of advanced technologies such as sensors and diagnostics to actively detect, optimise and reduce loading requirements, or turn off mechanical and electrical systems altogether. This ensures a well-run building without sacrificing on tenant comfort.

The Group also recognises the importance of prudent water management and works proactively with stakeholders to reduce water consumption and improve the efficiency of water use. Some of our water-saving initiatives include:

  • Use of renewed or reclaimed water for cooling towers and other non-potable uses where possible and practical (e.g. NEWater in Singapore).
  • Adjusting the operational parameters of water-related systems to minimise water consumption, losses and wastage. To this end, Mapletree actively pursues the standardisation and optimisation of building system operational schedules as well as shutting down of systems when they are not in use.
  • Actively exploring the use of technologies to detect and report faulty sanitary fittings.
  • Continued use water-saving sanitary fittings and accessories for toilets in Mapletree’s buildings, aligned with their respective country-specific water-efficiency labelling schemes (e.g. Public Utilities Board's Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) in Singapore or equivalent).

Mapletree is committed to building and investing in properties with innovative and functional concepts. These include integrating sustainability into the architectural design, building details, construction as well as maintenance activities. Over the years, the Group has obtained many Green Mark Awards by BCA and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by U.S. Green Building Council certifications which demonstrate our best-in-class building strategies and practices.


St James Power Station
(BCA Green Mark Platinum)



Mapletree Business City I and II
(BCA Green Mark Platinum)



(BCA Green Mark Platinum)


The Sorting Office
(LEED Platinum)



Mapletree Logistics Hub - Toh Guan
(BCA Green Mark Gold)



The Signature
(BCA Green Mark Gold)


Global Technology Park Phase 1 & 2
(LEED Gold)



Mapletree Logs Hub Tsing Yi
Hong Kong SAR
(LEED Core and Shell Gold Level)



West Station II
(BREEAM Certification, Excellent)